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Last review: 02/10/2018
"This amazing young woman is truly a God send she's beautiful and sweet and caring ver ..."
Found on the:  12/09/2017

Escort 8435758472
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Last review: 20/10/2017
"When I arrived she was exactly what I was expecting. She was hot and very sexy. She a ..."
Found on the:  09/05/2017

Escort 8433158220
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Last review: 31/08/2017
"Brittany is a classy lady all the way. I cannot think of a bad word to say about her ..."
Found on the:  12/04/2016

Escort 8432120066
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Last review: 26/01/2017
"She has a couple of different numbers she works under and another alias as well but s ..."
Found on the:  29/11/2016

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Last review: 18/12/2016
"Seen this girl sunny a few times n she is the bomb thought she was a catfish but when ..."
Found on the:  31/01/2017

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