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Last review: 11/07/2019
"Lorraine is amazing. Been seeing her for years, top notch massage, great conversation ..."
Found on the:  03/04/2017

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Last review: 14/06/2019
"I met Kim at the bar at my hotel, we had a couple of drinks and got to know each othe ..."
Found on the:  26/10/2016

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Last review: 07/06/2018
"Met Senai in San Francisco, and hit it off with her. She is a pleaser and does a fan ..."
Found on the:  16/06/2017

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Last review: 18/08/2016
"Great and sexy. Knows how to treat her clients. Will come back for more and recommend ..."
Found on the:  19/10/2016

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Last review: 31/05/2016
"I had a great time from the beginning to the end. She did not rush me, it was a very ..."
Found on the:  24/02/2017

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