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Escort 2133592874
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Last review: 13/02/2016
"Best Ever. Will never find another like her. Perfect in every way. She has a great ..."
Found on the:  08/07/2015

Escort 8595825289
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Last review: 18/06/2015
"The title says it all. Very personal, professional and beautiful. Makes you feel very ..."
Found on the:  05/03/2017

Escort 5673288507
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Last review: 17/06/2015
"This lady is special. Not so sure escorting is her line of work. Slow and paranoid at ..."
Found on the:  17/11/2015

Escort 5026447546
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Last review: 16/09/2015
"She came to my hotel and we had a nice time. She got into some lingerie and the fun b ..."
Found on the:  08/03/2016

Escort 5028741594
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Last review: 16/09/2015
"Let me just say she doesn't need all that makeup to look good she's a natural beauty. ..."
Found on the:  24/03/2015

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