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Updated on: 25/09/2020
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Ranking: Nº 27 of 282
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 28/04/2018
"Sophisticated tattooed beauty that could slick like you've never been slicked b4! ..."
Escort Santa Cruz
Found on the:  16/01/2017
Ranking: Nº 119 of 282
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 04/10/2015
"She's a beautiful and professional provider. She came on strong telling me that she had ..."
Escort Santa Cruz
Price: $$$$
Found on the:  30/09/2015
Ranking: Nº 212 of 282
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 05/09/2015
"I got to her place. When she waved at me, thats how i knew it was her. The pics are fake. ..."
Escort Santa Cruz
Price: $$
Found on the:  27/04/2016

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