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Updated on: 08/07/2020
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Ranking: Nº 3 of 38
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 18/09/2018
"Syncere was absolutely awesome and fun...down to earth, beautiful as promised...and she kn ..."
Escort Baton Rouge
Found on the:  12/03/2017
Ranking: Nº 4 of 38
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 30/11/2016
"Very exotic! Beautiful foreign companion. Took her time... absolutely no rush. Real accura ..."
Massages Baton Rouge
Price: $$$$$
Found on the:  24/10/2016
Ranking: Nº 6 of 38
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 13/07/2016
"She was so sweet kind didn't rush at all let me take my time and I will keep going backbec ..."
Escort Baton Rouge
Price: $$$$
Found on the:  13/03/2017
Ranking: Nº 11 of 38
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 27/09/2015
"We proceeded upstairs and she prepared the bed for a back massage. I wasn’t really looking ..."
Escort Baton Rouge
Price: $$$
Found on the:  15/07/2015
Ranking: Nº 12 of 38
  • (1 Review)
Last review: 26/09/2015
"She then started to relax. We're gonna have some fun! She exclaimed. I got on the bed and ..."
Escort Baton Rouge
Price: $$$$
Found on the:  14/01/2015

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