Removal according to the european privacy laws

Personal information removal request form

For privacy reasons, you may have the right to remove some personal information.
This is the form to make the removal request of specific results in the pages of Escort Advisor that includes your data.
At the moment of request, we take into consideration the privacy rights of the individual and the public interest regarding such information also the rights of others to distribute them. For exapmle, we may refuse to remove specific information if it relates to fraud, professional negligence and facts that have a criminal relevance.
To complete this form you must provide a digital copy of a form of ID.

Your personal info

Please attach a clear and legible copy of a document that proves the identity of the person making the request

We need to verify the identity of the person making the request (the person concerned) to avoid requests of fraudulent removal by people who pass themselves off as others in an attempt to harm competitors or, to improperly delete information owned by third parties. To carry out this verification it's necessary to send an identity document. You can cover parts of the document (for example the number) if the remaining information allows the identification of the person concerned. You can also cover the photograph, and unless the removal request regards pages with photos that depict the person concerned, we will only use this information to check the authenticity of the request and will delete it within one month of closing the file, unless otherwise required by law.

  • ID (passaport, identitiy card, driving license, etc.). Max 10Mb
  • Phone contract (only when asking for number removal):...

Specify the personal information that you want removed and its position

Explain the type of correlation between the personal info shown above and the person who is making the request and why you feel such information must be removed.

For example: "(1) This pages relates to me because a, b and c. (2) This page must be removed because x, y and z".

Sworn statement

Please read the following declaration and select the boxes to accept.
I agree to the processing of the submitted information, as explained below:

  • Escort Advisor will use the personal data provided in the form (including email add and personal info), including any further data you will provide in future communications, in order to complete you request and fulfil your legal obligations. We may choose to send your request data to the authorities; to protect the data, but only when they are necessary for an investigation or to check a decision made by us. Normally this happens if and when you decide to contact the protection of data authority in your country regarding our decision. I declare that the information submitted in this request is correct and I am authorized to send this request.
  • I am aware that Escort Advisor cannot complete my request if the form is filled incorrectly or the request is incomplete.


If you enter your personal data above, you provide us with your digital signature, which is legally binding just as a real signature. Please keep in mind that the signature must match precisely the name and surname entered in the form above so the information can be sent correctly.